by Aetna’s Tom Sopel

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The trip was eye opening for me, both as an EMT and a human being. Seeing the disparities between life there and what we have here is astounding. The things I’ve seen and the people I’ve met were unforgettable, and I want to personally thank Dr. Rafael Vela, Jorge Antonio Hernandez, and Arturo Pineda for having us with open arms. The level at which Dr. Vela gives back to the community is incredible and I aspire to be as great a man as he. Jorge and Arturo both provided our group with amazing insight into the Guatemalan health care system and they did so eagerly and with the warmest of hearts. Thank You.

The opportunities given to us by these people were places of personal growth and understanding for me and my group. We learned so much and I’d like to think we helped some people while we were out there. Looking through the eyes of an EMT, I was very grateful for the tools and technologies available to us here in America, and although the field of emergency medical services is ever growing and developing, compared to what it could be, we are Worlds Apart.

-Tom Sopel