MANCHESTER and HARTFORD — Aetna Ambulance and ASM send Patient and Customer Satisfaction Surveys to a random sampling of patients who have received emergency or STAT inter-facility services from our companies.

The final part of the survey asks that the respondent, “Please use a word or phrase to describe us and/or the ambulance crew.”

Some of the most recent answers and responses provided in the survey responses include the following quotes:

  • Professional. Thank you.
  • Skilled, compassionate, quick.
  • Friendly.
  • [Crew] were polite and professional. Set me at ease and kept me informed. (16-47073; J. Traber, M. Uddin).
  • Very good.
  • Staff was extremely professional, showed empathy and helped calm everyone involved. (16-50087; E. Burgess, K. Twohig with Manchester Fire Rescue EMS).
  • K and her partner were excellent, they were great at taking professional care of me. (16-53556; K. Russell, R. Jones).
  • Excellent – pleasant yet professional.
  • Life savers.
  • The ambulance crew were very kind and professional.
  • The person who rode with me was great – definitely put me at ease. (16-53409; R. Bilodeau).
  • Courteous + compassionate.
  • The ambulance crew were very caring and allayed my mother’s fears about the pain upon moving her. (16-25719; M. Pacheco, K. Durand).
  • Professional x 3.
  • Excellent.
  • Attentive Compassionate Friendly.
  • Excellent, capable, and compassionate.
  • They were terrific.
  • Very well trained + friendly – Great Job.
  • Very professional.
  • Impressive, well done.
  • Professional.
  • M was friendly, concerned and informed. I would like you to acknowledge M. for his good service. I would have never been able to get to hospital. I had blacked out when I hit my head and was in shock. M was excellent. (16-57541; M. Campbell).
  • Courteous, professional, friendly. Your staff helped ease my fears during an incredibly stressful event. I am grateful! (16-59663; J. Craig, A. Hernandez with East Hartford Fire Department).
  • Good people.