MANCHESTER and HARTFORD — Aetna Ambulance and ASM send Patient and Customer Satisfaction Surveys to a random sampling of patients who have received emergency or STAT inter-facility services from our companies.

The final part of the survey asks that the respondent, “Please use a word or phrase to describe us and/or the ambulance crew.”

Some of the answers/responses included:

  • Good crew.
  • The team was competent and caring while at home as well as at the hospital. (15-72950; S. Norton, S. Boutot with assistance from F. Tomboly).
  • Wonderful.
  • R. was wonderful. He put me at ease. Made me laugh. (15-72911; R. Gonska, J. Barletta).
  • Very professional. I will say [they] were outstanding.
  • I am [patient’s] wife who called 911. It was such trauma for me I really don’t remember much but knew my husband was in good hands. Thank you again. They made a great team! (15-73328; R. Gonska, J. Monahan).
  • Very professional, caring, serious.
  • Very knowledgeable + efficient.
  • Very pleasant in a tense situation. Very professional. (15-73029; K. Russell, S. DeBarge with Manchester Fire Rescue EMS).
  • Very professional + informative.
  • Very knowledgeable + compassionate. Friendly – he made me feel better! (15-71156; J. Platero, B. Deoliveira).
  • Professional + caring.
  • Excellent service and care.
  • Very good.
  • Arrived promptly. Well informed. (15-75491; R. McConville, M. Buerk).
  • Skillful, comforting, integrity. The quality of service was excellent. I felt very safe. (15-75677; R. Davenport, W. Valencia with Manchester Fire Rescue EMS).
  • From start to finish I am very pleased. J + A took my son to Children’s and calmed me down + took great care with my son. (15-75041; A. Wysocki, J. Bush with East Hartford Fire Department).
  • Professional and efficient.
  • The whole crew was professional + comforting.
  • Compassionate.
  • Excellent.
  • Professional.
  • Very caring.