MANCHESTER and HARTFORD — Aetna Ambulance and ASM send Patient and Customer Satisfaction Surveys to a random sampling of patients who have received emergency or STAT inter-facility services from our companies.

The final question in the survey asks “Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service?” And, “Please use one word to describe us.”

Some of the answers/responses included:

  • Excellent x 5.
  • Skilled.
  • Quick, well informed staff. Thanks!
  • Conscientious.
  • Caring x 2.
  • Incredible.
  • Very caring and professional.
  • Timely.
  • Well suited.
  • Professional x 10.
  • Efficient.
  • Amazing.
  • Excellent!!
  • Professional humans.
  • Great x 2.
  • You probably saved my life. Thank you for your prompt care.
  • Humane.
  • Professional. The techs were very professional and treated the issue very serious[ly]. Listened to me and asked all the right questions. Explained all the moves they made. Very pleased (13-74038; J. Bissell, R. Bilodeau).
  • Very good/excellent.
  • Superb. The two EMTs that responded, Scott Crittenden and Brian Langan, we’re excellent. As a business owner myself, I feel these gentlemen went above and beyond and [were] so kind as well as professional (13-74442).