In an email from April 2016, regarding a response from ASM’s Melissa Osborne, her partner Matt Kleza, and Andover Fire Department:

Dear Melissa, Ben, John and John,

Words cannot explain the gratitude my wife and I have for everyone for coming to the rescue two weeks ago during my heart attack. As Murphy’s Law would have it, the one time we said this winter “what the heck let the sun melt the snow”, little did we know we’d need a 4WD ambulance rescue!  Your team performed admirably under tough conditions during the rescue. Many thanks go especially to Melissa for remembering to grab the “go” bag as we passed by the stuck ambulance. Holding may hand thru the terrible, excruciating pain at first kept me from passing out and of course your defibrillation brought me back to life on the way to Hartford Hospital….

Another defibrillation on the table and two stents later, I’m now resting at home for a few weeks hoping to get back to teaching my students. Once again thanks to the AFD, Melissa and the dispatchers for all you did on the morning of April Xth and continue to do each day for all of us. Hope to see everyone at your annual steak dinner again, however maybe this time it will be a veggie platter for me…