As the renovation of ASM’s main office comes to a close with only a couple of details left to finish, means for accessing, visiting and conducting business at ASM’s Main Office have changed. We are a 24-hour operation and as such the building itself is always staffed. However, staff members are not always accessible and you should not expect to speak with dispatch or administrative staff after-hours. The rear billing office and dispatch center doors are locked and accessible only by employees with key fob access.

If you are coming to visit us, please read the following instructions:

  1. If you are having a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.
  2. Business and billing inquiries, deliveries, visitors, guests, those taking EMS or other classes or attending meetings or to drop off employment applications: Such routine business should be conducted Monday through Friday 7AM to 4PM whenever possible. Please enter under the blue awning marked Main Entrance on the south side of the building and speak with a member of the office staff. If this door is locked there are no staff members currently in the building to assist with billing or business inquiries.
  3. Field Interns and Observers: If you are doing ride time (also known as a ride along, field internship, job shadow, etc.), during regular business hours, enter under the blue awning marked Dispatch in the rear of the building and pick up the red phone in the lobby to speak with a dispatcher.
  4. After hours and on weekends or on any occasion where you find all exterior doors to be locked, please call (860) 649-8900 to speak with the dispatcher. It is more effective to make this call than to knock on or pull locked doors.
  5. We are at your service, however the safety and security of all of our employees is of the utmost importance. Please take this into consideration.

Renovation and Expansion of ASM’s “10-1″: Volume 18

MANCHESTER — Additions and renovations to the Ambulance Service of Manchester’s main headquarters, known to employees as “10-1,” continue. As of this writing:

  • The last remaining storage ‘cage’ in the ambulance bay has been demolished and the space is being utilized for nose-in parking for the two bariatric units.
  • Signage, awnings and planters are in place for the new main entrance and the dispatch entrance as pictured.

The next steps are re-configuring the main call-taking office, finishing carpeting certain spaces, constructing the hands-on training area and adding the awning to the new entrance.

The addition and renovation are part of ASM’s continued commitment and investment in the towns it serves.