MANCHESTER — In early May, 2015 ASM received a heartfelt Thank You card directed to ASM Paramedic Tim Houle and EMT Mikhail Khan. The card reads:

To: Mom’s Heroes

I want to thank the both of you from the bottom of my heart. To the [Paramedic] who worked directly to my mom – Thank you. We almost lost her after being intubated – She was breathing 0% on her own – 24 hours later, the tube came out and she was breathing 100% on her own. Her odds were slim – yet a miracle occurred.

To the EMT that drove – Thank you so much for your kindness and emotional support. You helped me remain centered and clam which facilitated quick decisions in the ER.


[Patient’s daughter]

PS – This card is to be directed to the two who responded to the Revolution Bowling Alley call on May X, 2015 in South Windsor, CT. My mom will be moving on to rehab at St. Mary Home in West Hartford.