A recent Wall Street Journal article described cutting edge equipment, techniques and skills in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) that are changing patient outcomes, revolutionizing care and sharpening the leading edge of the EMS industry.

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So how do Aetna and ASM match up against The Ultimate Lifesaver?

Volume 3: Induced hypothermia

Studies have shown a significant improvement in neurological outcomes for victims of cardiac arrest who receive cold IV fluids to the point of induced hypothermia.

So how do we stack up?

Aetna and ASM began using a commercial, purpose-made device long before the regional protocol called for cold IV fluids. Our companies use what is known as a Chillcore, as pictured with this post.

One indication for chilled IV fluids is a return of spontaneous circulation after cardiac arrest. Although this situation does not arise regularly, cold fluids can make all the difference between surviving to the emergency department and actually walking out of the hospital.

Additionally, the expectation is that cold IV fluids will be considered in more clinical circumstances in the future, possibly to include stroke.

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