April 6, 2015

Dear Ambulance Service of Manchester:

This is a Thank you note; the two young people you sent to take me from Johnson Memorial Hospital on January XX, 2015 were an absolute godsend. I’m just sorry I don;t know their names. They picked me up during a horrible snowstorm with the wind blowing and snow pelting down. Both of your employees were professional, considerate and had a combined sense of humor. I could have have asked for more in helping me get into my house after having had surgery 48 hours earlier. I am not the lightest patient in the world but they handled me with grace and professionalism….Please tell them [Patient Name] said Thank you and well done. They are a credit to your business which requires so many skills that cannot be taught; They have my appreciation.


[Patient Name], Run Number 15-6828.

ASM Crew: Bill DelGaizo and Laura McHugh