Please forgive the lateness of this note, but understandably, I have been dealing with a lot on my plate. My sister passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly on January 31st. Luckily, I was with her and was able to call for an ambulance. Aetna Ambulance responded as well as the Hartford Fire Department. I can not praise your company enough. Everyone was so professional, yet caring. I was completely overwhelmed by the whole experience. They recognized this and acted accordingly.

I had a personal connection to the Jean Grady, the previous owner of Aetna, so everything came full circle. I was also born and raised in Hartford and was never prouder of my hometown on that day. My son-in-law just started his own ambulance company in South Carolina. When I recounted my experience, he was so proud to be a paramedic and company owner.

Thank you to all that you do and a special thanks to the men that responded to Franklin Avenue on that day.


Sister of Patient — #14-9217

Letter appears with permission.

Crew: Matthew Campbell and Kevin Mathiau (again)