MANCHESTER — On May 6, 2014 ASM EMT Carolyn Edwards was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. Carolyn is a much loved and cherished member of the ASM team and support for her recovery has been overwhelming, touching and flowing from all directions.

In order to respect Carolyn and her family’s privacy during her recovery and to provide a source of information and support, members of the ASM family and Carolyn’s friends have constructed www.carolynstrong.org.

According to the site, “As a collaboration of friends and co-workers of Carolyn Edwards, we will combine and coordinate efforts for the common cause of benefiting Carolyn and her family in their time of need. We will support their emotional, physical, and financial needs to assist in restoring Carolyn in her optimal health. #Carolynstrong”

To further respect Carolyn’s privacy, the ASM-Aetna blog will not be chronicling her recovery but will continue to provide updates on ways to support her and her family including fundraisers and more.