Note: ASM is NOT the ambulance transport or paramedic service provider in Willimantic. In an emergency, always dial 9-1-1. 


Submitted by ASM’s Stephanie Boutot

WILLIMANTIC — I know the 4th has come and gone, but ASM is still America Strong! It was another successful year at the annual Boom Box Parade in Willimantic. ASM, in our traditional orange and blue, proudly wore red, white and blue to celebrate with the rest of the crowd for the momentous occasion.

The radio set to the 1400 WILI AM station as they played the parade music, a tradition that began in 1986 when no marching band was available for the parade. This year’s parade was held in 82 degree weather and lasted 96 minutes, the longest since the record breaker of 117 min in 2010.

I enjoy the reactions from the parade goers, young and old, with great big smiles, waves and cheers. We may not be the first responders in the town, but they know who we are and they seem to appreciate us here. It’s an event I look forward to every year!