Note: ASM is NOT the ambulance transport or paramedic service provider in Willimantic. In an emergency, always dial 9-1-1. 


Submitted by ASM’s Stephanie Boutot

WILLIMANTIC — Saturday July 4th, Willimantic, CT celebrated the holiday with the 30th year running of their famous Boom Box Parade. ASM was proud to be a part of the tradition again this year. It was a tradition that began in 1986 when Kathy Clark suggested using boom boxes while the radio station played the music, when a marching band was not available for the parade. It was surprising success and became a regular event.

I was in the very first Boom Box parade in 1986, carrying my very own boom box, walking down the street with family and friends. Now I drive my source of music and proudly play 1400 AM as the parade sounds “boom” out of the speakers of the ASM ambulance, while I roll down the parade route. It’s great to see how all the different groups that participate and how well received ASM is, with all the waves, excitement, and thank you’s from spectators as I drive by.

For the past six years, I have enjoyed being in the Boom Box parade representing ASM, a company I am ecstatic to work for, doing a job I love. A tradition I hope to continue for many more years.