SOMERS — The attached picture is of a mother and daughter who were rescued from a structure fire on December 4, 2013 in a joint effort by several local fire departments and a courageous bystander. ASM’s Johnson Medic (Alpha 5) crew, Don Hart and Ayla Sarles, delivered care with Somers Fire Department once the patients were removed from the building. Read the Patch story here…

Last week Santa arrived to bring them some cheer during a difficult holiday season, courtesy of Somers Fire Department. According to ASM’s Ray Stovall, who took part in the rescue as part of Somers Fire Department, “It was one of the best experiences of my life. The family was so thankful to all involved. Being there restored some faith in humanity. We see so much bad in our jobs that it warmed my heart to see the pure joy on this families face.”

A special note of recognition goes not only to Somers Fire Department but also to Hazardville Fire Department and their Captain Hurley in the rescue of the mother. Ray goes on to say, “As always the Alpha 5 crew did an awesome job on patient care and working with the fire departments on scene.”