MANCHESTER — Students from Rockville High School (RHS) spent the day “learning by doing” by riding-along with EMTs from the Ambulance Service of Manchester.




As part of an ongoing partnership, three Rockville Rams learned first-hand whether a career in medicine, or specifically a career in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is right for them. They were assigned to an EMT-Basic or EMT-Paramedic level ambulance a five hour job shadow experience. During that time they toured the facility, were shown the ambulance and equipment and went on real 911 calls and inter-facility transports. Through this they witnessed the day-to-day activities of an EMT in commercial EMS.


EMS careers draw interest from young people who want and feel they need variation in their day-to-day. Often they do not know what they ultimately want to do but they are usually quite sure they do not want to work in a static environment such as a cubicle. Often those who are looking for a career in medicine shadow in EMS to see the leading edge of the emergency care system.

One student was back for her second year and among another student’s goals for the day was to deliver a baby. Check back to see what happens!