ASM’s Matt Traber Describes AED Operation

Thanks so much for letting me have the opportunity to see how thing really are. It was interesting. I really appreciated it. I will get my EMT certification before going to school for nursing. Thank you so much!


I would like to thank you for the experience with the job shadow. I am very grateful for the opportunity to experience the day to day routine of an EMT-Paramedic. This experience has taught me a lot and enhanced my knowledge of different fields in healthcare. It really helped me get a sense of what the job environment is like. Because of this job shadow I might take the training to become an EMT while in college. I want to become a nurse and it would be beneficial in getting the experience in how to treat sick or injured persons.


I had a great time on the ambulance for Job Shadow Day. I leave alot watching what you did and hope to do the shadow again next year.


 I really enjoyed being able to see firsthand what you guys do. I was impressed how you handle the different emergencies and situations you are faced with during the day. I was also impressed how you work together as a team. This experience was important and valuable to me because becoming a Paramedic is a career I am going to pursue, and this experience and insight is a great motivation for me.