A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to job shadow EMTs of ASM out of Manchester, Connecticut. There is no doubt that this experience was very beneficial and worth going to. Since I was a little kid, I have had an interest in become a Paramedic, and this was a big contribution on making a final decision.

The two EMTs I was with all day, were very helpful giving me a bunch of inside information, first hand experience stories, answers to all the questions I had, and were overall really cool guys.

To start the day, the EMTs gave me a tour of the station in Manchester, showed me the top-to-bottom of the ambulance and the fascinating things it is capable of doing, and gave me an outline of the day and what to expect. The first call we had was a transfer, moving somebody from place to place by ambulance. In our case, we transported a patient from an assisted living facility to the hospital.

Our second call was a 911 call to a patient’s home who had trouble breathing. That was especially interesting, because on the way to a 911 call the lights and sirens are going and to be able to be inside the ambulance and see traffic literally clear the roads for you was something else. An EMTs day on the job can be anything from one or two calls, to fourteen calls a day, and every day is different.


-Noah, RHS Student