From an email received in December 2015:

On Wednesday we received an admission from the emergency room at [hospital].  The ambulance transport provider was ASM.

Upon arrival to the unit the EMTs from ASM as always were both professional and friendly.  They have always taken part in the “welcoming” portion of our admissions process and their friendliness has been noted in our patient satisfaction surveys as well.

In addition, they have always been very observant and informative of the condition of the patient from the time they pick up the patient and throughout the transport.  In this particular instance, the EMTs were extremely informative and attentive to information and observations of the patient in the ED and shared an abundance of information for us to continue in the patient’s care and most especially to address the patients immediate respiratory needs.



The EMT gave a peer to peer report that was impeccably professional and quite informative and extraordinarily impressive to myself, the charge nurse and also caught the attention of the nursing supervisor and our Medical Director. After the crew left the Medical Director stated that he had never heard that thorough of a report given to a receiving institution regarding a patient.  He stated, “we need more health care professionals like that”.





Thank you again to all the staff at ASM for the continuing professional and excellent service provided to MCNR.  We truly appreciate all of you!


Clinical Care Coordinator

Mansfield Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation