My name is Theresa Stross and I am a Registered Nurse at the Bristol Hospital Cancer Care Center. I am writing you about three of your employees who were at our cancer center on Tuesday July 16. We had a new patient at our facility who on the way out of the bathroom started to collapse in the hallway. Quickly and professionally your three EMT’s who were here because of another patient,jumped into action and assisted our PCA to get the patient to a stretcher.

Right away they worked with the staff here to obtain vitals, start a line, check a blood sugar, and ultimately transfer the patient to the emergency department for further evaluation. They were very nice, kind, and professional not to mention how helpful they were when this unexpected event occurred at a time when the cancer center was very busy. These three men were: Rob Balkun, Cory Lachance, and Mike Makulis.

I thought it was the least I could do to inform you of how well your employees performed. Many thanks again to Rob, Cory, and Mike.


Theresa and the Staff at the Bristol Hospital Cancer Care Center