In an email from late January 2016:

“Just before we got onto the highway, mom was in such distress that we decided to pull over and call 911 so that an ambulance could transfer her and treat her along the way. A few minutes later, mom was in the ambulance, shaking from extreme chills, extreme lower back/hip and leg pain, and nausea.






The terrific professional ambulance paramedic named Eric and his associate EMT Donna, (who drove the ambulance) reassured mom, while Eric checked her vitals (including blood pressure which was good) and gave her a dose of Fentanyl (a fast-acting pain killer) that immediately brought her some relief.  He also wrapped her in blankets which helped her to warm up quickly. Meanwhile, I rode in the back of the ambulance with mom and shared info on her meds and background on the infusion treatment with Eric.

The ambulance crew was so professional and amazing — both in their treatment of mom and their compassion and emotional support for all of us. Please thank the crew for us.”

Note: Run #16-6852, certain information redacted for privacy.