HARTFORD — On February 15, 2014 Aetna Ambulance crew members Matt Campbell and Kevin Mathiau responded to a motor vehicle accident in Wethersfield. Within two weeks the patient was randomly selected to receive a Patient Satisfaction Survey. The patient sent back a response on the care she and her family received.

Matt and Kevin received “Strongly Agree” in every response category. When asked to use a word or phrase to describe us, the patient wrote “Timely, professional, informative and caring.”

The following was handwritten in the additional feedback space provided:

“We truly appreciated the kindness that was shown to us and to our children by the EMTs and Paramedics. We were in a side rollover with our two small children and the EMTs and Paramedics helped make a very scary situation very positive. Keep up the excellent work. Everyone was very personable and we felt as if we were being cared for by good friends or family members.”

– Run #14-13714 (Information appears with permission).