Eric Thepsiri

WETHERSFIELD — In late July Aetna’s office received a patient satisfaction survey from a patient treated in Wethersfield in June by Eric Thepsiri and Donna Achilli. The patient had checked off every box with “Strongly Agree” to questions like, the Paramedic was highly skilled, kept you informed, relieved pain and anxiety. 15 boxes in total.

When asked to use a word or phrase to describe the crew the patient wrote, Fabulous!!.





Donna Achilli

In the narrative section the patient went on to write, “I was picked up by the Great Eric + Donna. They treated me above and beyond what I expected. We connected well. They were so professional and friendly. They stayed with my in the hospital until they had to leave and came to say goodbye! They are the absolute best!! We had some good laughs too 🙂 Tell them I say Hi!”

Note: Run #16-47131, certain information redacted for privacy.