HARTFORD — On Monday, December 6th, as part of Operation Walk USA, several patients from the Hartford area will receive free orthopedic services from Saint Francis Hospital’s Connecticut Joint Replacement Institute.

Frequently these patients are indigent and uninsured. In support of this worthwhile program, Aetna Ambulance Service will provide one of these patients, who cannot be transported safely by other means, with free ambulance transportation to Mt Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital for rehabilitation services.

According to a PR Newswire Press Release,

“Building on the global success of Operation Walk, an international effort that has improved the lives and mobility of more than 6,000 patients in developing countries, 58 orthopaedic surgeons will provide free hip and knee replacement surgery to more than 85 patients at 25 hospitals, in 16 different states, over a two-day span this December for Operation Walk USA 2011.”

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