Kudos from the Cath Lab

Field Care: The story says it all… Sunday 8:00 am. According to Aetna Ambulance Service Supervisor Paramedic Joyce Valentukonis:

  1. Assigned to Aetna 201, Alpha/Monitor 6,
  2. The 12-lead was transmitted with success and then a radio patch notifying of a STEMI alert was given.
  3. Just prior to arriving the patient went into cardiac arrest.
  4. The patient was resuscitated upon arrival of parking lot (eyes open and talking). In the hallway, patient went into cardiac arrest again.
  5. As of today: patient is extubated and talking.

Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI): EMS-to-balloon time: 61 minutes.

The patient’s spouse returned a Patient Satisfaction Survey with perfect scores and a note that says, “Thank you for saving my husband’s life.”