HARTFORD — During April 2015, ASM Paramedic David White and his AEMT partner, Al Pardi, responded to a medical call in Stafford with Stafford Ambulance. The EKG was indicative of a STEMI and Dave wirelessly transmitted the 12-lead EKG to Hartford Hospital, activating their cardiac catherization lab from the field. (#15-29463). The following are comments provided by Hartford Hospital’s Dr. Marcin Dada with some acronyms and patient information removed:

Congratulations everyone on a great care of this antero-lateral STEMI pt last Sunday.

This patient was brought to HH by ASM (prehospital ECG was sent and communicated to the ED attending: Dr. Herbst)

While in the ER, patient arrested with return of spontaneous circulation… and was brought to the Cardiac Catheterization Lab.

In a nut shell:

1) HH D2B Time = 77 min (off hrs, Sun 3 AM)

1) STEMI Total Ischemia Time = 115 min

In particular, we would like to recognize the teams involved:

1) HH Team – Dr Hirst, Engles and the Cath Lab team – W. Arcisz, D. Jordan, F. Natale.

2) HH ER Team – Dr Herbst, and Snyder, and the ED team: M. Moquin, D, Phillips, S. Ferri.

3) and last but not least : ASM and Stafford Ambulance

Strong Work.


Marcin Dada, MD

Co-Director, CPC

Hartford Hospital