Mike Levasseur – Ambulance Service of Manchester, LLC.

“I am an employee at Windham Hospital, and I have worked here for 11 years. Over this past weekend we had an emergent transfer from our Emergency Department to Hartford Hospital’s ED. The patient had a severe head injury, and your team was very quick to respond. This is not where my praise ends. The reason of my note is to thank and bring to attention to one of your medics.

“This medic was as always professional and easy to work with. What I want to point out is that the Medic took time out to speak to the patient’s parents (with consent). It wasn’t just a, “Hey, I’ll meet you in Hartford”. What he did was explain to the parents that the patient was stable and that he (the medic) [could continue to] keep him stable. Not only did he reassure the parents…he also emphasized the need for them to try to stay calm, drive safely, because the roads were less than favorable. This Medic’s name is Mike Levasseur. I would just like to extend my thanks, and observance of his nature to go above and beyond. I am proud to be associated with such upstanding EMS professionals.”

-JM, Windham Hospital staff.