HARTFORD — On December 22, 2014 a dozen Connecticut State Police cruisers, ambulances from Aetna and ASM and a UHaul full of donated toys convoyed from Troop H to Connecticut Childcare’s Medical Center. Over the course of the last four days, team of Troopers and members of the Aetna and ASM families joined together for the 18th annual effort.

According to Connecticut Children’s President Marty Gavin, thus far the Toy Drive has brought in $220,000 and a half million toys. Last year alone $18,000 and three UHaul trucks full of toys were donated. Each year enough toys are brought in to give a toy to each of the 59,000 children seen at all of CCMC’s locations. Enough even to give a toy to any siblings that accompany the child on their visit.

This year, Aetna and ASM contributed 216 hours to the effort. We are extraordinarily proud to take part and to be team members with CCMC and the State Police.