ASM’s Beth Sheils with the East Hartford Daisy Troop

EAST HARTFORD — On April 6, 2012, Ambulance Service of Manchester (ASM) Paramedic Supervisor Beth Sheils and Paramedic Rory Leslie presented the basics of Emergency Medical Services to the Girls Scout Daisy Troop of East Hartford.

The presentation took place at the East Hartford Cultural Center where the girls (and one boy!) saw the ins and outs of the ambulance and learned about first aid, when to use 911 and growing up to be a Paramedic. More pictures below. (All pictures appear with written parent permission). 

Many of our girls were afraid of an ambulance and now that they have been shown one, their fears are minimized. We have you to thank. You we’re amazing!

– Jasmine Rivera-McNeill, Kindergarten Daisy Troop 10888 Leader