SOMERS — In February 2015 ASM received a letter from Somers Fire Department President Timothy Percoski praising and thanking Dave White, one of ASM’s Johnson Medics, for his service to the Department and the area. ASM’s Johnson Medic, also known as Alpha 5, works in partnership with Somers Fire Department, Stafford Ambulance and is stationed at Johnson Memorial Medical Center.

Among the two page letter, President Percoski praises Dave’s commitment and his presentation at a January drill. “Dave accepted this opportunity enthusiastically, and was eager to help not only the members in Somers, but his colleagues out of ASM….Every single member of our group had a takeaway from the training, as was shared with me after the fact by our members.”

Further, “His presentation was that of partnership and camaraderie, and that was arguably the greatest takeaway of the night. Dave White is a great asset, not only to ASM, but also to the Somers Fire Department and the people of Somers that he aids when needed.”

On behalf of ASM, we are enormously proud of Dave and all of our Johnson Medics and of our longstanding partnership with Somers Fire Department and its dedicated and talented staff.