STAFFORD SPRINGS — Beth Van Alstyne, Director of Critical Care Services for Johnson Memorial Medical Center in Stafford Springs, wrote a complimentary endorsement for ASM’s Don Hart. Don is a seasoned paramedic and a known fixture at JMMC. He has been stationed on ASM’s Alpha 5 (also known as The Johnson Medic) for several years. Read more about The Johnson Medic here…

ASM’s Don Hart at Johnson Memorial Medical Center

Here is an excerpt from Beth’s note: “Don has become an integral part of the JMH ED family!  Everyone throughout the hospital knows Don and even where “Don’s desk” is located in the ED.  He is even a stop on every ED tour!  Don is the epitome of selfless hard work and team spirit.  He is always willing to help out.  He is friendly, courteous and compassionate with all patients and will assist patients and visitors as appropriate. 

As a medic, Don is top notch. His assessments are superb, his skills exceptional and his interactions with patients and families exemplary.  He is always sharing positive and encouraging words about ASM and JMH with patients. He provides comfort by telling patients that they will receive “excellent care” with whomever they will interact and it is appreciated by all.

Don is someone who is always looking to learn and to share his knowledge in a collaborative and informative way.  He is a “go to guy” who isn’t afraid of a challenge and loves to bring fun and laughter to his surroundings.  The JMH ED staff is VERY glad to have him as a part of our team.”    

Beth Van Alstyne, Director of Critical Care Services, Johnson Memorial Medical Center.

ASM providing medically necessary non-emergency transport at Evergreen Health Care Center