Somers Fire Department and ASM Alpha 5

SOMERS — On April 27, 2012 ASM’s Alpha Five participated in Somers High School Prom Promise Mock Crash. The following letter from Somers Fire Department was received on May 7th.

I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to thank you for your service’s help with our Prom Promise Mock Crash on April 27th for Somers High School. Don, Greg and Ayla were super and they added quite a bit of realism to our program. I know that this time of year you guys are very busy and we appreciate you making time for our organization’s event. It is always a pleasure putting this event on because a very positive message is being sent out; thanks to you the message is even more powerful. Again, thank you for your assistance and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

-Lieutenant, Somers Fire Department

The Ambulance Service of Manchester’s (ASM) Alpha Five has been stationed at Johnson Memorial Medical Center for over eight years.

This transport-capable paramedic unit was initially stationed there at the request of JMMC in order to secure immediate transport of a certain population of critical patients.

Several ASM faces have become ubiquitous features on the medic unit staff, known as the “Johnson Medic” to the surrounding towns. Folks like Don Hart, Ray, Al Pardi, Dave White, Greg D. and Alya Sarles became staples of the service.