HARTFORD– Ambulance Service of Manchester (ASM) has won the “Governor’s Award for Career EMS Services” for 2012. The award is conferred by the Connecticut EMS Council as part of EMS Week (May 20-26), an annual recognition of the dedication and sacrifice of Emergency Medical Services professionals.

This award was established to recognize and commend an EMS Organization that has enhanced the understanding and support of the EMS System through their public service, community education and contributions to a city, town region or the state as a whole.

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An award ceremony took place on Monday, May 21, 2012 at 10:00 am in Room 1D of the Legislative Office Building located at 300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford.

“In EMS, you are only as good as the professionals you employ. In our case, our EMTs, Paramedics and dispatchers are the face and heart of the company. We are so proud of the dedicated staff at ASM who make these accomplishments possible. This award is really a tribute to them.”

-Wayne Wright, President and CEO

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(L): Eastern Region EMS Council President Greg Allard (R): ASM President and CEO Wayne Wright

The award was based upon the following criteria:

  • EMS Leadership: The organization’s members exhibit leadership qualities, integrity, and guidance within local, regional, or state EMS organizations and/or boards; provide and promote education, guidance, management, directorship, tutelage or coaching in any EMS related issue; proactively participate in special events to promote EMS.
  • Public Education/Community Involvement: Heightening community awareness of the activities of Emergency Medical Services; improving the skills of lay citizens in BLS through community training programs; assisting/organizing with community health screening events.

According to their website, Connecticut EMS Council is a multi-tiered system. The EMS Regional Councils are partnered with the Connecticut Department of Public Health to implement state EMS policy and programs at the regional and local level.

There are five separate regional councils working together and with the Department of Public Health. The councils are governed by volunteer boards. The presidents of these boards make up the Council of Regional Presidents (CORC) Board, which helps to coordinate the work between the councils. The Regional EMS Coordinators are based in Hartford at the Department of Public Health and serve as a link between local EMS providers and the Office of Emergency Medical Services.