MANCHESTER — On July 31, 2013, the Aetna Ambulance and the Ambulance Service of Manchester will conduct/host a National Association of EMTs EMS Safety Course. According to their website, “NAEMT’s EMS Safety course aims to promote a culture of EMS safety and help reduce the number and intensity of injuries incurred by EMS practitioners in carrying out their work.”

“The course increases the practitioners’ awareness and understanding of EMS safety standards and practices and develops their ability to effectively implement them. EMS Safety is the first national and most comprehensive education program of its kind that teaches techniques on how to best achieve safety on the job.

“The curriculum covers crew resource management, emergency vehicle safety, responsibilities in scene operations, patient handling, patient, practitioner and bystander safety, and personal health. It offers an overview of current issues surrounding safety in EMS, presents and discusses case studies, builds risk assessment and decision-making skills and provides an opportunity for participants to relate their own experiences with EMS safety issues.”

Aetna and ASM employees that takes and pass the class and are either ACLS or PALS instructors (or are a licensed teacher) will be able to teach the class in the future. It is possible that the program will be integrated in future learning opportunities and orientations.