HARTFORD — On March 26, 2014 Aetna Ambulance’s Matt Campbell and Kevin Mathiau once again responded to a motor vehicle accident in Wethersfield, a scenario which landed them high praise in a survey in February. Some have begun to believe the two carry blank surveys on their person.

In this case, within two weeks the patient was randomly selected to receive a Patient Satisfaction Survey. The patient sent back a response with all clinical care boxes marked Agree or Strongly Agree and the following narrative:

Please use a word to describe us: “Competent, caring, professional, compassionate.”

“The person who cared for me, Matt, was exemplary. He was very caring and paid attention to my concerns and addressed them. He put my mind at ease in a situation that was tenuous. Being a nurse and knowing what could be happening to me made me very frightened and he made me feel like I could trust him and know it was ok. I hope he sees this and I hope he gets lauded for what he does. I know if did this for me he does this for others. And I know its hard to care for people in the medical profession. I hope I can thank him personally some day.”