HARTFORD — On December 4, 2015 Aetna’s Matt Campbell was promoted to the position of Field Supervisor.

According to Matt, “I have been with Aetna Ambulance since September 2011 and have enjoyed every day coming to work since.  I have been in EMS since 2007 and have not looked back. I started out my career in Boston at a private service. When I realized that I love this job and wanted to become a Paramedic, I enrolled in Paramedic classes at Comprehensive Medical Teaching Institute (CMTI).

“When I was in school I met my wife while she was attending college in Boston. We now have a family that is growing very fast. My wife and I have a two year old boy and are now expecting twin girls. I have been a Paramedic for over six years now. I became a preceptor for Aetna in early 2012. I am very exited to work with all my colleagues in my new position as Field Supervisor. Aetna is in a true fashion is a family; we stick side-by-side and work day-by-day together. I work with the highest level of professionals In the business every day.  I want to thank all of my Aetna family for all of your support. Let’s wish and hope for further success in our careers together.”

On behalf of the Aetna family we would like to congratulate Matt on his promotion and look forward to great things from him.