Aetna’s Matt Campbell

HARTFORD — On December 17, 2011 Aetna Ambulance crew members Matt Campbell and Kevin Mathiau responded to an Advanced Life Support request in one of Aetna and ASM’s “mutual aid” towns.

As per normal practice, within two weeks the patient was randomly selected to receive a Patient Satisfaction Survey. The patient promptly sent back a glowing response on the care she received. So glowing that it needed to be shared.


Aetna’s Kevin Mathiau

Matt and Kevin received five out of five marks in every category and the patient “strongly agreed” that the they were “calm and reassuring” and alleviated her anxiety and stress.

The following quote was handwritten in the space provided:

“I cannot write enough accolades for your staff. Being frightened enough to have to call 911 is, indeed, a terrifying experience. The team that responded was kind, empathetic and thoughtful and very much aware of my fears. Kindness does go a long way in that type of situation. Please extend to them my thanks and gratitude. I will never forget it!”

Out of a possible 100% score the patient gave 110%. Nice work Kevin and Matt.

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