(L to R): Mark Hannegan, Global Exchange/Turkish Firefighter Fatih Belgin, Graham MacDonald, AHEC’s Samia Hussein

HARTFORD — On June 26, 2012, Fatih Belgin from Istanbul’s Metropolitan Municipality – Istanbul Fire Department in Turkey was at Aetna Ambulance to shadow an ambulance crew, tour facilities and observe 911 calls.

Along with his hosts from the Central Area Health Education Center (AHEC), Inc., he met with EMTs, Paramedics, and Directors Graham MacDonald and Mark Hannegan. They explained the US EMS system and how fire, police and ambulance services work together.

The U.S. Department of State has developed a 2-way Professional Fellows Exchange Program whereby professionals from Turkey spend a total of three weeks in the United States during June and an AHEC staff will spend time in Turkey during September, both learning how to become effective social change agents by using a social entrepreneurship model.

AHEC is a non-profit organization located in Hartford and serving the residents in the greater Hartford region and was selected for the second time by the University of Connecticut’s Global Training and Development Institute to participate in a Young Turkey/Young America Nonprofit/NGO/Grassroots Leaders Exchange Program.

Fatih Belgin, the Fellow from Istanbul’s Fire Department in Turkey will intern at Central AHEC, Inc. beginning June 25th -27th 2012. Fatih’s interest is to open a volunteer driven Fire Department in Istanbul, Turkey learning and gaining a better understanding of public health emergency systems, its partners and health empowerment.

This is our opportunity to provide a comprehensive overview of the public health service system and emergency medicine services in greater Hartford. On behalf of Central AHEC, Inc. I would like to thank you and your agency in advance for your support and consideration of this exciting opportunity for both Central AHEC and Turkey.

– Ms. Brenda Delgado, Central AHEC Executive Director