The following is an excerpt of an email message from LifeChoice:

“This patient’s family was very uplifted that he was able to be a donor and found great comfort knowing that he was able to continue to help others in death as he had in life.  This could not have been possible without the involvement of EMS (Aetna Ambulance, in referenced case) when a patient codes at home.

Their stead fast commitment to providing the best of care to all pts has helped an additional 50+ people! What a Christmas present.

[As a paramedic] I know that I sometimes felt like a failure when the patient was pronounced in the ED.  This job has made me realize that even when our best efforts to revive a patient don’t work there is still the possibility that the patient’s ‘life’ and legacy goes on through others in a very meaningful way.”

-Donna Crombez CTBS, BA, EMT-P, LifeChoice Donor Services, Donation Coordinator

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